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Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter GEN 3-M

Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter

So your tired of having a boring fixed buttsock or simple 6 position collapsible buttstock on your AR15, 308AR or AR-10, maybe you have a confined space requirement for one of the aforementioned weapons or worse yet, maybe your jealous of your best friends FN SCAR or AK47‘s ability to fold their buttstock. Well don’t be sad, Law Tactical has developed an AR15 Folding Stock Adapter to make you the envy of your friends, well maybe not the friend with the FN SCAR but definitely the friend with the AK47. We have no hands on experience yet but AR15 Folding Stock Adapter reviews well at Brownells. If there is one issue though it’s cost. To use the adapter with a buttstock like a Magpul UBR or Magpul PRS is going to bring you to the edge of $500 for both parts.


Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter GEN 3-M

The Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter GEN 3 is the first and only folding stock adapter compatible with AR platform rifles. The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter works with direct impingement or gas piston systems and fits A2, carbine, mil-spec or commercial buffer tube and stocks. It can be used with standard bolt carrier groups including: full auto, semi auto, 5.56 to .308.

The Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter GEN 3  was designed for low profile transport of AR rifles in non-permissive environments. The adapter is ideal for any situation that requires a smaller profile weapon for transport and storage. Simple one-button release folds the stock. To engage, just unfold and fire. The stock automatically locks into place, requiring no fine motor skills.

Designed, built and assembled in the USA from CNC machined, 4140 steel.

The adapter does not affect gun function when unfolded in the standard fire position. The rear portion of the adapter is built to the same specifications as a standard receiver to ensure maximum compatibility. An integrated single point sling attachment point is included.

Video here

Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter GEN 3-M