HK P7K3 22LR Conversion Kit

HK P7K3 22 Conversion Kit

HK P7K3 22 Conversion Kit – Slide and Barrel

One of the benefits of having a long standing advertising relationship with Brownells is having access to catalog data as well as a deep familiarization with their product offerings. When researching updated website content for .22 pistol conversions I happened upon the HK HK P7K3 22LR kit. Now if you happened to click the link to the left you too will probably be taken back by the price tag of the kit. While I am quite familiar with the HK P7 the HK P7K3 22LR variation was unknown to me. I did a little research and found had the info that filled in the missing pieces. It turns out that while Brownells is offering a .22 conversion kit the HK P7K3 was originally a HK P7 designed to shoot three calibers .22 LR, .32 ACP, .380 ACP. Today these pistols complete with caliber conversions are selling in the $3500-$5000 range. At those prices I will never own one but as most know, money is know object if your a true HK fan .

HK P7K3 22lr  Conversion Kit

HK P7K3 22lr Conversion Kit

HK P7K3 22lr Conversion Kit

HK P7K3 22lr Conversion Kit


Download the HK P7K3 Users Manual (English)

HK P7K3 Users Manual (English)

HK P7K3 Users Manual (English)

Anyhow according to the author at the site mentioned above the additional slide is only used when converting to .22lr.

HK P7K3 22LR


CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II 22 LR

CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II 22 LR

CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II 22 LR


The CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II 22 LR conversion kit is a separate accessory for the CZ 75/85 pistol series allowing the firing of .22 LR caliber cartridges.

The CZ 75 fitted with the Kadet .22LR conversion is the perfect training or plinking pistol with the slide weighted and balanced just like the CZ 75. The Kadet adapter features all-steel construction and an adjustable rear sight.

Included are 2 10-round magazines that fit flush with grips of the full size CZ 75 and SP-01 models.  The Kadet conversion kit will work on the CZ 75 full-size and compact models including the 75, 85, SP-01, 75 Compact, P-01, P-06,  and PCR, but note that the full-size magazines will extend out of the bottom of the shorter grips on these models. The Kadet conversion will not work on the 97, 75 TS, 2075 RAMI, SP-01 Phantom, P-07 or P-09 models.

When used on an aluminum-framed compact model (PCR, P-01 and P-06) as well as the steel-framed Compact .40, a PCR slide stop should be used for proper last-round hold-open. On 85 models, the 85 slide stop must be used but will not enable last-round hold-open.

When used in competition-oriented or modified 75 series pistols like the Shadow, a factory-weight 75 mainspring may be required to provide proper primer ignition.

SPECS: Fits – CZ75, 75B, 85, 85B.  Ammunition – 22lr.  Magazine Capacity – 10 rounds.  Magazine Type – Single stack.  Weight – 1.050 lbs.  Overall Length – 8.110″.  Barrel Length – 4.720″.  Barrel – Cold Hammer Forged.  Sights – Adjustable Three-Dot.


Download the CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II 22LR Operators Manual Below

CZ 75 Kadet Operators Manual

CZ 75 Kadet Operators Manual






You’d expect to pay about $16.50 for a 50 rd box (33¢ ea.) of hard ball .45 ACP ammo at your local gun shop. But why not shoot inexpensive .22’s that sell for $1.50 for a 50 rd box (03¢ ea.) instead? This would save you 30¢ per round. But for comparative purposes we’ll assume you went out and found a bargain on .45 ammo. Now your .45’s only cost 25¢ more per round than .22’s. At a difference of 25¢ a round, you will save a buck every four rounds and two hundred and fifty dollars after a thousand rounds. This is great savings, but your .45 doesn’t shoot .22’s. That’s why you need a l.

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Complete

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Complete

Installation is simple, just remove the slide stop, slide the upper unit off your .45, then install the Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit. Once you re-install your slide stop and substitute the ten round .22 magazine that come with the unit, you’re ready to shoot .22’s. It’s that fast and easy!

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Slide Top View

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Slide Top View

While shooting .22’s, you’ll appreciate the crisp sight picture of the fully adjustable rear and improved ramp front sights. When you change out the slide, the sights go with it so you’ll be right back on target with each caliber change.

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Slide Right Side View

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Slide Right Side View

We all like to save money, but your objective is to become a better shot. It’s quite common for shooting instructors to train with .22’s. Since the .22 has less recoil and muzzle blast, students tend to learn faster with less tendency to develop bad habits, like jerking the trigger in anticipation of the recoil.

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Slide Left View

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Slide Left View

To get the most from your training, our conversion unit lets you practice with the same grip, trigger pull, safeties and action of your .45 auto. Once converted, your .22 has the same overall dimension as your .45 so you can use your existing holster. Oh, we’ve been so busy telling you how we’re going to improve your shooting and save you money that we forgot to tell you about the scalloped slide top, checkered slide stop and superb accuracy.

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Case

Wilson Combat 1911 22 Conversion Kit Case

NOTE: Due to tolerance variation of most Gold Cups and some custom 1911’s, minor fitting may be required on the .22 unit for proper operation.



Colt Sporter with CMMG Dedicated .22 Upper Conversion Kit | AR15 22 CONVERSION KIT | AR 22 CONVERSION KIT

Colt Sporter with CMMG Dedicated .22 Upper Conversion Kit

.22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits for Colt AR 15 Rifles and Clones

Drop-in AR 15 22 Conversion Kit:

Read the history of the AR15 22lr conversions here

The Drop-in AR15 22 Conversion Kits are the easiest and least expensive method of converting your AR15 to a .22 caliber plinker. The kits will range in price from about $160-$250 and take about 30 seconds to install. There is a few down sides to using the drop in kits. The bullet must travel a few inches in an unrifled tube before it reaches the barrel. The barrels on most AR type rifles will typically have a twist rate that is optimized for the 5.56 Nato (.223) with a 1:7″- 1:9″ barrel twist rate and not the 1:16″ that works well with .22 long rifle. There is also a few thousandths of an inch difference in the bullets diameter of .22LR (.222) vs 5.56 Nato (.224). Those differences can lead to less then match grade accuracy in an AR15 but the accuracy is perfectly suited for plinking. If that accuracy is not suitable you can purchase a complete .22 long rifle upper. The cost starts at about double of the drop-in conversion and can go upwards well over $1000. The choice is yours.

I purchased my Colt brand conversion kit part# R6222 back in the early 90’s without much fanfare. The Colt and the Jonathan Arthur Ciener kits seemed to be the only ones around at the time, at least that was my findings in the Shotgun News and prior to the internet. Recently a good friend purchased his first rifle, a Bushmaster Modular Carbine. I explained to him the virtues of cheap practice ammo, getting to know the rifle and the ability to shoot at any indoor range. Eager to get a conversion kit he quickly hit the web with google and met a brick wall in a lack of availability. My friend got quickly frustrated so I decided to do some research the result of which you are reading here. A few things came to light very quickly. The Colt unit I own while listed as a current product offering is nowhere to be found. The Jonathan Arthur Ciener kits are being offered at several places for low prices but none are in stock even at his own site Jonathan Arthur Ciener has always had a long back order and a history of poor customer service. He also has quite a few complaints against him at the BBB. In fairness everybody seems to get their kits just be prepared to wait. In the end my friend ended up ordering a CMMG AR-15/M16 22LR BRAVO CONVERSION KIT from Brownells Update 2015:(When this article was originally written the word “Bravo” was not part of the name

.22 Caliber AR Upper Receivers

Now if after reading the above you feel you need more from a .22 conversion a complete upper chambered for .22 long Rifle is exactly what your looking for. You will be able to achieve greater accuracy and superior reliability with these dedicated uppers. These units start at around $450 with the sky being the limit. The low end units typically will look like any other AR15 with a typical handguard and a carry handle or flat top receiver. What starts to drive the costs way up is the barrels. Some manufacturers offer custom match grade barrels. These barrels turn the AR15 into a fine precision shooting machine with accuracy on par with other top rifles in the .22 Long Rifle class. Take a look at this Lakeside Guns for what is probably the most radical 22lr AR-15 dedicated upper receiver to date.


  • Keep the drop-in units cleaned and lubricated
  • Inspect the gas tube for fouling before returning the weapons center fire bolt carrier.
  • If you get failures to extract often, clean the area under the extraction claws. It has probably become dirty and the claws are not returning to their fully retracted position
  • Failure too feed will be from the magazine and or carbon buildup on the neck of the carrier preventing it to fully seat in the chamber
  • Failures to fire, see above. The carbon prevents the the .22 bolt from seating firmly. Energy is lost from the firing pin and light strikes can result
  • Ammo – These things can be fussy and cause either of the two previous problems. I’ve found high and hyper velocity ammo to work best.

How easy is it to install a .22 long rifle AR-15 Conversion kit?

Brownells has put together a video presentation display how easy it is to install the CMMG Conversion Kit

CMMG AR 15 .22 Hardware AR 22 CMMG AR15 22 Conversion Kit

August 22, 2010 – CMMG is growing their .22LR line up by leaps and bounds. They have added Stainless Steel and Left Handed versions of their popular AR-15 conversion units as well as dedicated .22LR Uppers and Complete Rifles ,22LR. There are also many more models to be released over the next few months. CMMG is also adding accessories unique to these .22’s as well as possibly firsts in the shooting world. The first item is the Anti-Jam Charging Handle for Drop-In Conversion .22. The charging handle is machined much more shallow that that of an AR-15. This prevents a .22 case from getting jammed inside the upper.

CMMG Anti-Jam Charging Handle for Drop-In Conversion .22

Anti-Jam Charging Handle for Drop-In Conversion .22

The other items are hardware to enable the last shot hold open feature of an AR-15 to function with any Atchisson based .22 conversion unit.

CMMG 22 Evolution Conversion Bolt Hold Open Spring & Follower

22 Evolution Conversion Bolt Hold Open Spring & Follower

CMMG 22 Evolution Conversion Bolt Hold Open Actuator

22 Evolution Conversion Bolt Hold Open Actuator

The new conversion units are also incorporating forward assist adapter.

CMMG 22 Evolution Conversion Kit w/Forward Assist Adapter

CMMG 22 Evolution Conversion Kit w/Forward Assist Adapter


This is the brand new CMMG .22 Long Rifle AR15 Conversion Kit. The kit includes the conversion unit and either a 10 or 27 round magazine. The magazines are manufactured by Black Dog Machine LLC.

CMMG .22LR Conversion

CMMG .22LR Conversion

Range Report: We received our CMMG kit approximately 2 weeks after ordering it directly from CMMG. The unit was well made and fit our brand new Bushmaster Modular Carbine perfectly. A quick trip to an indoor range for some informal shooting and we were very pleased. We put 300 rounds of inexpensive Federal American Eagle .22 through the Bushmaster with only one failure to fire. The rim of the cartridge was struck firmly so I fault the cheap ammo and not the conversion kit. Feeding and extraction were perfect with no failures. Accuracy was better then we expected at 25 yards with the Bushmaster sporting a 1-4x Millet DMS Scope. Shooting from a bench we could easily blast out the blast out a 1″ circle all day. The kit is probably capable of better accuracy then that but the trigger on the Bushmaster is a little stiff. We will compile a real review at a later date.

Order the CMMG .22 Long Rifle AR15 Conversion Kit from Brownells for $239. Brownells stocks the 10 and 27 round magazines for the kits

CMMG M4 Dedicated .22LR Upper

“New CMMG .22 UPPER RECEIVER This kit is based on our standard .22 drop in conversion kit. Barrel is a 1/16″ with our WASP finish. Barrel OAL is 16″. Compatible with BDM, Ceiner or similar mags. Magazine not included but available in the pull down window.” SKU Number:U-160422

CMMG Sierra 22lr AR15 Upper Receiver

CMMG Sierra 22lr AR15 Upper Receiver

CMMG 26 Round Magazine for .22 Long Rifle

CMMG has just released their own magazine for their .22lr conversion and upper receiver. These magazines should also be perfectly compatible with other .22lr conversions based on the Ciener system. These magazines look great and are priced very reasonably at $19.95. The bolt catch feature means the bolt will lock back after the last round just like it when setup in its centerfire form.

Specs: Polymer .22 LR magazine for CMMG .22 LR sub-caliber conversion kits. 26 round capacity with bolt catch follower. The full size design can utilize your existing magazine pouches and rifle case magazine carriers. SKU Number:M-26-22

CMMG 26 Round Magazine for .22

CMMG 26 Round Magazine for .22

Colt #R6222

Colt R6222 .22lr drop in conversion

Colt R6222 .22lr drop in conversion

Olympic Arms Rimfire Adapter

The Olympic Arms Rimfire Adapter (RFA) is a replacement bolt carrier assembly for AR-15 rifles, and includes a 25 round Black Dog full-size magazine that slides easily into an AR-15 magazine well. With the RFA, a user can enjoy an entire afternoon shooting cheap 22 LR ammunition for the price required to purchase a single, 20 round box of .223 Remington. Installation is simple, and requires no gunsmithing or permanent alterations.

About the RFA conversion system: The RFA is a conversion system, which allows the use of .22LR ammunition in a standard AR rife fitted with a .223 or 5.56 NATO barrel. This conversion system is based around the bolt group assembly and a magazine adapter insert. The RFA system was designed to be cost effective, simply to use, and easy to enjoy.

Read the owners Olympic Arms RFA owners manual here

Olympic Arms Rimfire Adapter

Olympic Arms Rimfire Adapter

Olympic Arms 22-17 Partner System AR 15 22 Conversion Kit

The Olympic Arms 22-17 Partner system can be used with any complete mil-spec lower receiver. Simply put the top end assembly on your lower. Insert the desired sleeve with bolt carrier assembly. Put an insert in your magazine and the system is installed. No tools, just a couple minutes.

The 22-17 Partner is a conversion system, which allows the use of either .22 LR or .17 MK2 ammunition in a standard AR style rifle. This system is based around the upper receiver. The upper receiver is fitted with a specially made barrel. The barrel has been bored out to accept chambered sleeves. The sleeves are interchangeable with the 22-17 Partner bolt carrier group, which allows the use of multiple types of ammunition in the same rifl e. The 22-17 Partner was designed to be cost effective, simple to use, and easy to enjoy.

Download the Olympic Arms 22-17 Partner System’s owners manual here

Olympic Arms 22-17 Partner System

Olympic Arms 22-17 Partner System

Kuehl Precision Firearms AR 15 22 Upper

I couldn’t find any info about the Kuehl.

Kuehl Precision Firearms AR 15 22 Upper

Kuehl Upper AR 15 22 Upper

Jonathan Arthur Ciener AR15 22 Conversion Kit

The Atchisson MKIII from Jonathan Arthur Ciener. The unit consists of a sub-caliber bolt/chamber adapter/return spring and guide rod/receiver rail assembly and magazine in a fitted plastic case that replaces the standard bolt/bolt carrier assembly in the AR15/M16 family of rifles.

FITS:  The unit fits all AR15 and M16 family firearms whose dimensional tolerances meet those of the U.S. Government prints including current post ban firearms.


AR15 Unit – Standard sub-caliber bolt/chamber adapter/return spring and guide rod/receiver rail assemble with 10 round magazine.  The M16 unit’s 30 round magazine is optional at additional $40.00 upgrade charge.

M16 Unit – Standard sub-caliber bolt/chamber adapter/return spring and guide rod/receiver rail assemble with 30 round magazine with the addition of the automatic trip and anti-bounce weight necessary to support the automatic fire mode of the parent firearm.

Jonathan Arthur Ciener The "Atchisson" MKIII AR15 / M16 .22LR Conversion Unit - AR15 22 Conversion Kit

Jonathan Arthur Ciener The “Atchisson” MKIII AR15 / M16 .22LR Conversion Unit

CZ V22 .22 Conversion

The V22 Complete upper receiver made by CZ, aluminum alloy receiver, 16.25″ carbon steel barrel, black finish, super quality, see American Rifleman P.64, March 2005. Complete with 10 Round magazine and flat top Picantinny rail system, easy to install your rifle and does not permanently alter your weapon. This is a complete .22 upper assemble with barrel, hand guard, magazine, bolt assembly from the Czech Republic, model V-22, easily convert your .223 AR-15 rifle to shoot inexpensive .22 ammo. This is a Flat top upper for scope use, and does not include any sights, plain barrel but dressed with Picantinny rails front and back so you can add your own desired front and rear sight assemblies. May not fit some later production Colt Rifles, fits all the other Clones we have tested. This is NOT a complete rifle, just the upper forward assembly which allows you to convert your existing rifle to the .22-LR caliber.

I found this product description on a web site that used to offer the V-22

Get set for some serious fun with our new AR-15 .22 LR conversion! Make no mistake, this is NOT the cheap “blowback bolt and insert kit” offered by others (please read our warning about those): ours is a purpose built, precision machined assembly that replaces your entire upper, thus eliminating the problems experienced with discount-priced “kits” that use your existing upper and .223 Rem./ 5.56x45mm barrel.

In our continuing quest to bring you the best value for the money we have chosen Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ), whose long-established reputation in manufacturing quality sporting and military firearms is second to none, and imported their V-22 .22 LR AR-15 system. These complete .22 LR “uppers” boast all the latest features: hammer forged 16” heavy barrel, free-floating knurled hand guards, flat top receiver with integral weaver base, picatinny rail, and more!

You can also choose whatever configuration best suits your needs: just the complete CZ V-22 system itself, the complete V-22 with detachable carry handle, or – as an introductory limited time offer – the complete V-22 equipped with 4x28mm AR-15 scope with bullet drop compensator!

CZ V22 .22 Conversion AR 22 Upper Conversion

CZ V22 .22 Conversion

Bushmaster Carbon 15 .22 Rimfire

Bushmaster offered a .22 Rimfire dedicated Upper Receiver/Barrel Assembly that will fit all Bushmaster Lower Receivers – as well as most all AR15 Type Lower Receivers from other manufacturers (as long as they are mil. spec in measurement. With an Upper specifically designed for .22 Rimfire, you can quickly switch out from your 5.56mm/.223 caliber Upper to hone your shooting skills with the economical .22 Long Rifle ammunition – which is acceptable at most indoor ranges due to its lower power and penetration. In addition to offering the advantages of more frequent training with your AR15 type rifle, the Bushmaster .22LR Upper adds versatility to the weapon system, and is a joy to use for plinking.

The light weight and low recoil will be appreciated by women and younger shooters. The Bushmaster .22LR Upper Receiver/Barrel Assembly is a complete kit which includes all pieces necessary to quickly convert your rifle over to .22 Rimfire. The Upper Receiver is chambered for .22 Long Rifle only, and operates in a semi-automatic “blowback” mode. Other parts of the kit include a 10 Round Magazine; a Recoil Spring and Buffer; and a Butt stock Insert which acts as a guide for the Recoil Spring and replaces the standard AR Buffer and Action Spring inside the Receiver Extension.

The highly accurate 16″ Barrel is rifled 1 turn in 16″ for the .22 LR cartridge, and is machined of Chrome Moly Barrel Steel. A “blowback” operating bolt is machined from lightweight aluminum for great durability, and all parts are easily disassembled for cleaning / maintenance. The iron sights of the .22LR Upper feature a dual rear flip aperture (adjustable for windage), and a square front post type sight adjustable for elevation. On the Upper Receiver, a Picatinny rail offers easy mounting of any scope, optic, red dot or laser sight.

Bushmaster Carbon 15 .22 Rimfire AR15 Upper in 22 - AR15 22 Conversion Kit

Bushmaster Carbon 15 .22 Rimfire

Compass Lake CLE AR22

Here’s a little info from the Compass Lake web site. “We use the Army’s M-261 kit because it has proven to be the most reliable of all the kits we tested. The M-261 kit will allow single loading as the bolt will lock back after each shot when used with a standard .223 magazine. The M-261 magazines are insert magazines that fit into a standard .223 magazine. The bolt will not lock back automatically on the last shot with the .22 insert magazine installed. The bolt can be manually locked back with either. The upper receivers are supplied with two magazines and one single round loading device (LED). This device enables you to insert a single round into the chamber to make it possible to single load the rifle.

We use Douglas stainless steel 1-16 twist rimfire barrel blanks. The cartridges chamber directly into the barrel. The chambering reamer is a JGS match reamer that is very similar to the Bentz reamer. The service rifle uppers are equipped the same as our .223 service rifle uppers with float tube and 1/2 moa or 1/4 moa match sights with interchangeable apertures and hood. Most shooters choose the 1/4 moa rear sight for the fine adjustment it offers. Space gun uppers are also available either in flat top/A4 or modified receiver configuration. Krieger rimfire barrels are available for an additional $112.20

Compass Lake CLE AR22 AR15 in 22 Upper Receiver

Compass Lake CLE AR22


The original DPMS conversion kit is the same as the Colt unit. It is no longer available. I cannot seem to locate if DPMS is currently offering a kit but they is offering complete uppers


Based on my research DPMS made at least two different dedicated .22lr upper receivers. From the images Ive seen they look very good and appear to utilize the Colt style magazine and modified Colt bolt carrier. This would make sense as mentioned above DPMS once offered a DPMS branded Colt 22lr conversion for sale.


DPMS CMP22LR Semi Auto

Picture of a DPMS CMP22LR bolt for their AR 15 22 Conversion Unit

DPMS CMP22LR bolt for their AR 15 22 Conversion Unit

DPMS CMP 22lr Magazine


Spikes Tactical offers a few different variations of complete upper receivers as well as .22 LR conversion kits. The conversion kits look to be similar to the CMMG and Ciener units. Differences: notice the o-rings for a better chamber seal and chrome plating for smoother function and easier cleaning. The Spikes unit cost more then the competitors but its worth the premium in my opinion.

Something that sets Spikes Tactical apart from the others is they offer the parts to build your own .22 LR AR-15 starting with a caliber stamped “.22 long Rifle” stripped lower receiver. Pretty unique.

SPIKES TACTICAL .22LR Upper with Daniel Defense Lite Rail - AR15 22 Conversion Kit

SPIKES TACTICAL .22LR Upper with Daniel Defense Lite Rail

Spikes Tactical 22 Upper AR 15 22 Upper Conversion

Spikes Tactical 22 Upper

Spikes Tactical 22 Conversion kit for AR 15 Semi Auto Rifles

Spikes Tactical AR 15 22 Conversion kit


The ADCO V-22 iAR15 22 Conversion Kit as the CZ V22.

Victor Arms V-22 Conversion

This is the same kit as the CZ V22 AR 15 22 Conversion Unit.

Accuracy Speaks

Accuracy Speaks manufacturers custom premium match grade .22lr conversion kits utilizing Douglas Cromoly free floating barrels. These are noted to be some of the most accurate .22’s anywhere. On par with competition bolt .22’s.

Accuracy Speaks AR 15 .22lr Upper

Accuracy Speaks .22lr Upper

Tactical Solutions AR-15 22LR

This AR15 22 Conversion Kit  is the newest innovation from Tactical Solutions. It will work on any standard AR-15 lower and is sold as a self-contained complete unit (upper receiver and barrel). There are three model options available:

  • AR-15 M4: This option is similar to the standard military
  • AR-15. It features an A1 Flash hider.
  • AR-15 LT: This lightweight option features a threaded aluminum barrel and Hogue forend. AR-15 MC: This integrally suppressed conversion unit features a monocore unit with removable titanium baffles for easy cleaning.

SKU: TS_AR15_LT Weight: 5 lbs 8 oz’s Features: – Standard A4 Flat-Top – Heat Treated 416 Stainless Steel Bolt – Tool Steel Bolt Rail – 16.5″ Barrel Length – 1 in 16″ Twist – 1/2-28 Threads (Standard with Thread Protector) – .920″ Diameter Barrel – Aluminum Sleeve with Chrome Moly Liner – Lightweight Barrel – Hogue Mid-Length Fore-End

The AR-15 Conversion unit is sold as a complete upper receiver and barrel. It will fit on any standard AR-15 Lower. The Unit is self-contained, and is not designed for full auto use. All Models come with 1 25 round Black Dog Magazine (10 round magazine available for California).

Available at Brownells here

Tactical Solutions AR-15 LT Upper Receiver

Tactical Solutions AR-15 LT Upper Receiver

Atlantic Firearms AR 15 Rifle .22 Upper Receiver

Atlantic Firearms offers on of the least expensive dedicated uppers on the market. If my research is correct the upper is injected molded and not aluminum to keep the cost down. Complete upper for AR-15 in 22 long rifle.  The upper is  completely interchangeable with a standard flat top upper receiver. These are dedicated .22 long rifle caliber with a chrome moly, 1-16” twist, 16” long barrel, and feature a Military type .22 long rifle bolt assembly for accuracy. This model also has a threaded barrel and has an A2 style flash hider with M4 hand guards. Include with this upper is a 27rnd  black dog mag. These uppers will fit any mil-spec lower receiver.

Atlantic Firearms AR 15 .22 Upper Semi Auto

Atlantic Firearms AR15 Rifle .22 Upper

Velocity Firearms Dedicated .22LR Uppers

Velocity Firearms offers dedicate uppers in aluminum and carbon fiber.

Velocity Firearms Dedicated AR 15 .22LR Uppers

Velocity Firearms Dedicated .22LR Uppers

Ballistic Advantage LLC AR15 22 Conversion Kit

Ballistic Advantage offers match barrels and complete dedicated uppers that utilize the Spike’s Tactical conversion unit.

Ballistic Advantage AR 15 22 Uppper Receiver

Ballistic Advantage AR15 22 Upper Receiver

Magazines for the .22 Long Rifle AR Conversion Kits

AR15 22 Conversion Kit Magazines – Not much to choose from in this area. There’s the Ciener’s and a few aftermarket companies making Ciener compatible ones. The Colt and DPMS which are identical and not compatible with the Ciener’s. Black Dog Machine is working on a magazine that will work with the Colt/DPMS drop in kits.



Below are some sources for the magazines.

  • Black Dog Machine – The leader in high capacity magazines for the Ciener style of uppers, and Olympic Arms .22 uppers and kits, commonly called the M261 .22 LR conversion kit. (These guys are great)
  • Conversion Caliber Supply, LLC – High capacity magazines for .22 LR conversion kits and upper receivers.
  • Brownells
  • Jonathan Arthur Ciener

ar 15 22 Conversion



1911 22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

Tactical Solutions 1911 Auto 2211

Complete .22 LR conversion system comes fully assembled and ready to install on your 1911 Government model or Commander to help you practice critical shooting skills with economical rimfire ammo. Concentrate on improving grip, sight alignment, trigger pull, breath control, and other skills without burning up expensive, full-power ammo. Simply remove the slide as if you’re field stripping, and replace with the 2211 slide/barrel assembly and 10-round rimfire magazine. With the 2211 installed, the gun functions normally-the slide even locks open after the last round is fired. Precision machined entirely from high-grade steel to the same high standards of workmanship as a custom-quality competition pistol, with a lustrous, matte blued finish. Custom features include wide, crisply milled front and rear cocking serrations, 4 1/2″bull barrel with integral feed ramp, full-length steel guide rod, and a “flattop” sight rail with front and rear competition sights already installed. Champion rear target sight is fully click adjustable for windage and elevation, with an easy-to-acquire .110″ wide square notch and flat, serrated rear face. Plain black front sight has glare-inhibiting serrations on front and rear faces. Lightweight milled aluminum 10-round magazine has flared base plate to aid positive seating in oversized magwells; base removes easily for cleaning

Tactical Solutions 1911 Conversion Kit | 22LR HANDGUN CONVERSION KITS | 22 PISTOL CONVERSION KIT

Tactical Solutions 1911 Conversion Kit | 22LR HANDGUN CONVERSION KITS

Jonathan Arthur Ciener

Complete conversion unit replaces the factory slide/barrel assembly without gunsmithing; lets you shoot inexpensive, high-velocity .22 LR ammo in any 1911 Auto. Feeds and functions flawlessly so you can get lots of valuable practice with the same grip and trigger pull you’ll be shooting in matches. Kit includes CNC machined aluminum slide and choice of 10- or 15-round magazines, plus match-quality steel barrel, recoil guide and spring. 1911 Standard Model (SM) includes vertical cocking serrations, round-top slide and fixed sights. 1911 Platinum Cup Model (PM) includes 60° angle cocking serrations, serrated, flattop slide and Millett adjustable rear sights. Extra magazines available separately.

SPECS: Slide – 7075 T6 aluminum, black, anodized. Barrel – 4140 steel, black, parkerized, matte finish. Fits 1911 Auto pistols chambered in .45ACP only. 1 lb. (454 g) wt.

Ciener 22 Conversion Kit for 1911 style semi automatic handguns | 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

Ciener 1911 22 Conversion Kit

Ciener PLATINUM CUP .22LR Conversion Kit

Accentuated Serrated Front Site Serrated Raised Flat Bar Top Angled Cocking Slots Millett Adjustable Rear Site Enhanced Accuracy Shooting inexpensive .22LR with your 1911 Style .45ACP is as easy as adding this top end assembly! And with most .22 ammo costing around two cents a round you can keep your skills sharp at a fraction of the cost. The slide is made of aircraft grade 7075T6 aluminum and hard anodized matte black. The barrel is Shaw Match Grade. This is a good little shooter and is a great way to introduce new people to shooting who may otherwise be intimidated by recoil. Includes fitted case, owners guide, and 15rd magazine.

"Ciener" PLATINUM CUP .22LR Conversion Kit

“Ciener” PLATINUM CUP .22LR Conversion Kit

Advantage Arms 1911 Conversion Kit

Click the image below and visit the Advantage Arms web site

Advantage Arms 1911 22 Conversion Kit | 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

Advantage Arms 1911 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit with Adjustable Sights

The Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit, silver, adjustable sights, one ten round magazine included.  Fits Mil-Spec 1911’s with 4-inch to 5-inch barrels, full size frame with traditional non-ramped barrels only.

Convert your 1911 to fire rimfire ammunition in just minutes. Fits most 1911-style, single stack handguns chambered in 45 ACP. (Not compatible with ramped barrel and will not work with a 1911 chambered in 40 Smith&Wesson, 38 Super or 9mm Luger) These drop-in units require no modifications to your gun and do not require changing mainsprings. Conversion units will fit compact models, but the magazine will protrude slightly below the grip. Includes adjustable sights, travel case and a 10-round magazine. Kimber strongly recommends using only premium ammunition with plated bullets. Non-plated lead bullets may cause failures

Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit with Adjustable Sights

Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit with Adjustable Sights

Marvel Match Conversion Kit Unit 1

The Marvel 22 Long Rifle Conversion Unit turns any 1911 into an exceptionally accurate 22 caliber handgun. Installation is quick and simple with no fitting required. The barrel is machined from a Shilen blank, and the slide is made from 7075 aluminum with a hardened-steel breech insert to avoid any steel-to-aluminum contact. Aluminum parts are anodized and steel parts are blued for corrosion resistance. Will fit any Government, Commander or Officer 1911 frame. (Magazine will extend below the bottom of the grip on the Officer’s model.) Includes one 10-round steel magazine and a foam-padded, soft-side nylon case. NOTE: The unit is designed NOT to lock open after the last shot.

Marvel 22 Long Rifle Conversion Unit 1 | 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

Marvel 22 Long Rifle Conversion Unit, 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

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Beretta 92/96 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

Factory Beretta 92/96 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kit

  • Aluminum slide, with matte anodized finish. Adjustable 3-dot target sights; safety / decocker with standard 92 / 96 function; automatic firing-pin safety
  • Matte blued steel barrel
  • Recoil spring
  • Sight adjustment tools
  • 10-rd. polymer magazine with fixed steel ejector
  • Bore brush
  • Molded polymer carry case
  • Detailed instructions
Factory Beretta 92/96 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kit

Factory Beretta 92/96 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kit

Sig 22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

Sig Sauer Inc

Factory rimfire conversion unit lets you shoot inexpensive .22 LR ammunition in your full-size pistol, so you can hone your shooting skills and save money at the same time. Easy installation, simply remove the factory slide, barrel, and recoil spring/guide and replace them with the rimfire unit. High contrast target sights feature one .1″ (2.5mm) diameter white dot front sight and two .08″ (2mm) white dots on the rear sight to form an easy-to-align, 3-dot sight picture. Rear sight is click adjustable for windage and elevation. Factory manufactured so you know it will fit and function properly. Slide is precision machined from solid aluminum billet and hardcoat anodized for durability. Includes polycarbonate 10-round magazine with slotted witness holes on each side for easy round counting. Removable base pad allows easy cleaning. Includes hard shell plastic carrying case.

SPECS: Slide – Aluminum, black, matte finish. Barrel – Steel. Magazine – Polymer, matte black. Includes: Slide, barrel, recoil spring/guide, 10-round magazine, rear sight key, and Allen wrench. Fits P220, P226 excluding X5, and P229R with rail.

Sig 22 Conversion Kit | 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

Sig 22 Conversion Kit | 22LR Handgun Conversion Kits

Advantage Arms Glock 22lr Conversion kits

The Advantage Arms Glock .22LR Conversion Kit is made to be ultra durable and light, featuring aluminum parts, which are later anodized and given a remarkable matte black finish.

The steel parts are all heat treated and feature a flawless black oxide finish, so ensure your firearm doesn’t suffer wear and tear like many other conversion kits. The barrel is made from military grade 416 steel with a stainless finish for easy cleaning and precision.

Advantage arms Glock 22lr Conversion Kits Pictograph

Advantage arms Glock 22lr Conversion Kits

Browning High Power .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

MACS Browning High Power .22 LR Conversion Kit

CZ 75 Kadet .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kit

Specifications and features: .22 Long Rifle rimfire CZ 75 Kadet conversion kit Adjustable windage & elevation sights 2 mags, 10 rounds each 8.1″ long 4.9″ barrel Steel Black polycoat finish

CZ 75 Kadet .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kit

CZ 75 Kadet .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kit


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