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Surgeon Rifles 591 Short Action Repeater Action 591 SAR

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Remington 700 Receivers | 0 comments

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Picture of Surgeon Rifles 591 Short Action Repeater Action 591 SAR

Surgeon Rifles 591 Short Action Repeater Action 591 SAR

Complete short-action receiver and bolt assembly give the reliability and smoothness of the classic Remington 700 action combined with innovative features designed specifically for police, military, and civilian precision shooters. Receiver is machined, not forged, to exceptionally tight tolerances from a solid billet of 4140 chrome molybdenum steel for precise dimensions and superb strength. Raceways are EDM-cut to be perfectly square with the receiver face, threads, and bolt locking lug surfaces.

Surgeon Rifles 591

A rail in the left raceway eliminates misfeeds caused by a shell getting stuck in the raceway, and the extended ejection port ensures plenty of clearance for fired cases. Full-length, 20 M.O.A. MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail milled into the receiver top offers exceptional scope mounting flexibility and stays perfectly aligned with the action centerline and barrel tenon threads because it can’t work loose or get misaligned by impact. Hefty ¼” thick recoil lug machined into the underside spreads recoil force over a larger area than standard lugs. Bolt is machined from a single piece of 4140 steel billet, including .308 (.473″ diameter) breech face, extraction cam, and bolt handle; outside diameter and locking lugs are machined in a single operation, so the lugs are perfectly square with the bolt exterior. Bolt maintains a .007″ clearance out of battery, with .004″ clearance (.002″ per side) when closed. Streamlined, screw-on tactical bolt knob can be replaced with other aftermarket knobs to suit your needs. Shroud around the oversize bolt stop keeps out dust and dirt and prevents accidental release. All components are heat treated for hardness before final surface machining to prevent unwanted stress or warpage. Extractor, ejector, firing pin, shroud, and cocking piece are standard Remington 700 parts, and action accepts all triggers, stocks, and magazines compatible with the 700, greatly expanding customizing options.

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All 591 actions are designed with an integral .250″ recoil lug and 20 MOA 1913 MIL-STD picatinny rail that runs the full length of the action. A side-mounted, shrouded, bolt-stop is integrated to help prevent accidental releasing of the bolt.

In the middle of the left bolt raceway is an anti-jam rail. This rail is designed to prevent a round from lodging in the raceway when single-loading the rifle through the ejection/loading port. The raceway on the right-hand side has an anti-bind rail just below the ejection/loading port. The purpose of this rail is to insure smooth bolt operation as the locking lug passes through the loading port.

The 591SA will work in conjunction with any stocks made for the Remington 700 short-action with little to no modification. It will also work with these triggers and feeding systems.

*All Surgeon Rifles™ actions are shipped uncoated and include a tactical Surgeon Rifles™ bolt knob (0-ring bolt knob shown available at additional cost).

SPECS: 4140 chrome molybdenum steel, in-the-white. Includes receiver, bolt, bolt knob, bolt stop, bolt stop pin, bolt stop spring, ejector, ejector spring, ejector pin, extractor, firing pin, and trigger pins.