Surgeon Rifles 591 Short Action Repeater Action 591 SAR

Picture of Surgeon Rifles 591 Short Action Repeater Action 591 SAR

Surgeon Rifles 591 Short Action Repeater Action 591 SAR

Complete short-action receiver and bolt assembly give the reliability and smoothness of the classic Remington 700 action combined with innovative features designed specifically for police, military, and civilian precision shooters. Receiver is machined, not forged, to exceptionally tight tolerances from a solid billet of 4140 chrome molybdenum steel for precise dimensions and superb strength. Raceways are EDM-cut to be perfectly square with the receiver face, threads, and bolt locking lug surfaces.

Surgeon Rifles 591

A rail in the left raceway eliminates misfeeds caused by a shell getting stuck in the raceway, and the extended ejection port ensures plenty of clearance for fired cases. Full-length, 20 M.O.A. MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail milled into the receiver top offers exceptional scope mounting flexibility and stays perfectly aligned with the action centerline and barrel tenon threads because it can’t work loose or get misaligned by impact. Hefty ¼” thick recoil lug machined into the underside spreads recoil force over a larger area than standard lugs. Bolt is machined from a single piece of 4140 steel billet, including .308 (.473″ diameter) breech face, extraction cam, and bolt handle; outside diameter and locking lugs are machined in a single operation, so the lugs are perfectly square with the bolt exterior. Bolt maintains a .007″ clearance out of battery, with .004″ clearance (.002″ per side) when closed. Streamlined, screw-on tactical bolt knob can be replaced with other aftermarket knobs to suit your needs. Shroud around the oversize bolt stop keeps out dust and dirt and prevents accidental release. All components are heat treated for hardness before final surface machining to prevent unwanted stress or warpage. Extractor, ejector, firing pin, shroud, and cocking piece are standard Remington 700 parts, and action accepts all triggers, stocks, and magazines compatible with the 700, greatly expanding customizing options.

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All 591 actions are designed with an integral .250″ recoil lug and 20 MOA 1913 MIL-STD picatinny rail that runs the full length of the action. A side-mounted, shrouded, bolt-stop is integrated to help prevent accidental releasing of the bolt.

In the middle of the left bolt raceway is an anti-jam rail. This rail is designed to prevent a round from lodging in the raceway when single-loading the rifle through the ejection/loading port. The raceway on the right-hand side has an anti-bind rail just below the ejection/loading port. The purpose of this rail is to insure smooth bolt operation as the locking lug passes through the loading port.

The 591SA will work in conjunction with any stocks made for the Remington 700 short-action with little to no modification. It will also work with these triggers and feeding systems.

*All Surgeon Rifles™ actions are shipped uncoated and include a tactical Surgeon Rifles™ bolt knob (0-ring bolt knob shown available at additional cost).

SPECS: 4140 chrome molybdenum steel, in-the-white. Includes receiver, bolt, bolt knob, bolt stop, bolt stop pin, bolt stop spring, ejector, ejector spring, ejector pin, extractor, firing pin, and trigger pins.


Remington 700 Barrel Manufacturers


Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Remington 700 Barrel

Christensen Arms Carbon Remington 700 Barrel

The Remington 700 Barrel -These days Remington does a fine job manufacturing accurate rifles. However there may come a time when the old Remington 700 is not shooting groups as tight as it once did or maybe you just want the best accuracy that can be achieved from your rifle. A replacement barrel is a good investment. Its like getting a new and more accurate gun at half the price. All barrels for a Remington model 700 will be required to be fitted to some degree by a gunsmith. If you choose a barrel such as the Shilen it requires the least amount of work as it is pre threaded with a cut chamber. This means it only needs reamed to the final dimension. Other barrels are purchased as blanks and must be cut to length, threaded and have the chambers cut and reamed for your desired caliber. In many cases the barrel will require some sort of coloring or protective coating as many barrels are sold “in the white”. Note: There are no drop in barrels for a Remington 700. All replacement barrels must be fitted and headspaced by a qualified gunsmith Note: Replace your factory Remington 700 Trigger before you consider a new barrel. Visit the Remington 700 Trigger page for further information.

Christensen Arms Remington 700 Barrels 

Christensen Arms offers a REMINGTON 700 CARBON WRAPPED BARREL. It’s their only entry in the crowded Remington 700 Barrel field.

Christensen Arms Carbon Remington 700 Barrel

Christensen Arms Carbon Remington 700 Barrel

Designed using precision engineering adopted from the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms carbon-fiber barrels are crafted using a proprietary layered design that offers any marksman superior accuracy and performance. The barrel lining is made from match-grade 416R stainless steel and is measured to a tolerance of +/- .0001. When it comes to accuracy, Christensen Arms carbon-fiber barrels have performance you can trust. The Original Carbon Fiber  Remington 700 barrel is available for your favorite rifle.  Simply select the barrel version for your application.  Following  your online order, a CA representative will contact you for all necessary specs and/or arrange for shipping logistics to send your rifle to our facility.

Criterion Remington 700 Barrels

Criterion Barrels produces 308 AR barrels for OEMs like American Defense and the Fulton Armory Titan series of tack driver rifles. We are big supporters of Criterion Barrels.

Criterion Barrels Remington 700 Barrel

Criterion Barrels Remington 700 Barrel

Criterion manufactured Savage pre-fit barrels are available through Northland Shooters Supply (NSS). These barrels can be modified to fit Remington rifles using the NSS exclusive Rem/Age barrel nut. We offer finished lengths up to 30″ and five contour options: Sporter, Heavy Sporter, Light Varmint, Varmint, Bull. Many caliber and contour combinations are in stock at NSS. Contact Jim Briggs at Northland Shooters Supply,  (763) 682-4296, for availability and order information

Shilen Remington 700 Barrels

Range time, competition wins and online reviews speak volumes. Shilen Barrels are among a small group of elite barrel manufacturers that can be considered the best of the best.

Shilen Remington 700 Barrel

Shilen Remington 700 Barrel

Shilen Select Match Grade Remington 700 BarrelThese stainless steel masterpieces of machining and hand lapping are intended for the competition shooter– or even the hunter– who wants the ultimate in accuracy and quality. These are our highest grade barrel and, of course, the most costly. What makes them so good that benchrest shooters, such as Tony Boyer, crave them? Consider this: To meet Select Match Grade criteria, the groove diameter must air gauge within .0003″ of our standard diameter. Moreover, the uniformity of the bore cannot vary more than .0001″ for the entire length of the barrel. These barrels are also completely stress relieved, and the bore is polished to a gleaming surface finish by our most experienced lappers.

Shilen Match Grade Remington 700 Barrel

Our Match Grade barrels don’t quite meet Select Match criteria– but not by much! In these barrels, the bore must measure within .0005″ of our standard diameter and cannot vary in diameter more than .0003″ for the length of the barrel. So how much accuracy does a couple of “tenths” give away, compared to our Select Match barrels? Perhaps not any! The point is, whether or not there is any real difference in the accuracy potential between the Match and Select Match grades, the really demanding shooter must play it safe and go with the higher grade. In many cartridges and barrel twists, the accuracy difference between the two simply can’t be detected. So unless you’re gunning for one-hole groups or just demand the top of the line, the Match Grade barrel is your best choice for many forms of competitive shooting and for hunting varmints and big game. The Match Grade is completely stress relieved and fully warranted. The price of Match Grade stainless steel barrels includes hand lapping to a beautifully smooth surface. Chrome-moly can be lapped to a similar finish at an additional charge. Both are available in all calibers, twists and contours.

Shilen Remington 700 barrels are pre-threaded short-chambered and crowned. Barrel exteriors are polished to a 180-grit finish, and the bores have been hand lapped. Requires installation and finish chambering by a qualified gunsmith. Technical Information Materials:Shilen barrels available in Chrome Moly Steel or Stainless Steel Production Process:

  • Match Grade:
  • Button Rifled
  • Air-gauged
  • Stress Relieved
  • Bore diameter within .0005″ of standard
  • Work Needed:
  • Requires finish chambering and headspacing to action
  • Requires external polishing and application of the finish of your choice


  • These barrels are made to the same contours as factory Remington 700 barrels.

Lilja Remington 700 Barrels

Lilja Remington 700 Barrels

Lilja Remington 700 Barrels

Lilja barrels have also been used by all the major bullet manufacturing companies, and by the ammunition industry for accuracy and pressure testing of their products. Lilja barrels are made from rifle barrel quality, 416-type stainless and 4140-type chrome-moly steels manufactured in the U.S. In addition, all of our tooling is either made in our shop or by U.S. suppliers. The barrels are pull-button rifled, with a very uniform twist rate. Every barrel is stress-relieved in a vacuum furnace, hand lapped, and inspected with a video bore scope. Quality is also assured through the use of our Sheffield Air Gauge System and Rockwell Hardness Tester. Stainless steel barrels are guaranteed to be uniform dimensionally to .0001″ and free from internal tool marks. Chrome-moly barrels are uniform to within .0002″ end to end. We do not have different grades of barrels in the two types of steel: just one, our best match quality.

Bergara Remington 700 Barrels

Bergara Remington 700 Barrels

Bergara Remington 700 Barrels

Bergara is proud to be the first barrel manufacturer to offer premium replacement barrels for Remington Model 700 rifles utilizing the same barrel nut system found on Savage bolt-action rifles. Every barrel is precision chambered to SAMMI specifications and fully threaded in either a blued or matte stainless steel finish. This system makes Bergara Barrels the fastest installation on the market for Remington Model 700. All that is required for conversion is a vice, a strap wrench and a set of chamber gauges. Note: Selected caliber must match existing bolt face diameter. Barrel diameters follow factory contours as close as possible but some minor stock inletting may be required. BC0033 Remington Model.308 Winchester 24 inch Sporter 4140 Chrome Moly Blued 1:12 inch Right hand Twist

Pac-Nor Remington 700 Barrels

“Standard Match Remington 700 Barrel”: Our Standard-Match barrels are supplied in both stainless and chrome-moly steel. These barrels are made using conventional rifling button designs and are available in many twist rates and land/groove configurations. Standard-Match barrels are carefully hand-lapped for excellent bore uniformity and surface finish. These barrels are capable of excellent accuracy potential and are recommended for most hunting and varmint shooting applications. Standard-Match barrels are available as blanks, contoured barrels, and prefit contoured barrels. “Super-Match Remington 700 Barrel”: The PAC-NOR Super-Match barrel is our premium grade rifle barrel. These barrels can be supplied in stainless or chrome-moly steel. Super-Match barrels are made using a proprietary rifling button design which yields barrels that have an extremely uniform rate of twist for the ultimate in accuracy potential. Super-Match barrels are designed with a unique land/groove geometry which ensures a good bullet gas seal with minimal bullet distortion. This special land/groove configuration also substantially reduces metal fouling in the barrel when the barrel is properly broken-in. All Super-Match barrels are carefully hand-lapped to a fine lustre finish and exhibit the exceptional dimensional uniformity required for the high level of accuracy possible using this product. Super-Match high performance barrels are recommended whenever the ultimate in accuracy is required. These barrels are supplied as blanks, contoured blanks, and prefit contoured barrels.

Krieger Remington 700 Barrels

Krieger Remington Model 700 Barrel

Krieger Remington Model 700 Barrel

Krieger Barrels has been making premium rifle barrels for over 30 years. All of our barrels are manufactured using single-point cut-rifling and each and every barrel we make is thoroughly inspected and held to the same premium match grade standards, whether its an ammunition test barrel, a custom bolt action barrel or a ready-to-install finish chambered AR15 Bolt Action: From 20 caliber to 4 bore: Krieger Barrels makes fully custom bolt gun blanks. Whether you are looking for a replacement barrel or putting together a custom rifle, Krieger Barrels will make the barrel you need. Choose from our catalog or specify your contour, caliber and twist rate. In some cases you can even specify the number of grooves, groove width and custom bore and groove dimensions. Fluting, muzzle threads, fitting and many other services are available. All of our barrels are single-point cut-rifled and thoroughly inspected to produce satisfaction guaranteed match-grade rifle barrels every time. Order online or give us a call at (262) 628 – 8558 to place your order today!

Broughton Remington 700 Rifle Barrels

Broughton Rifle Barrels / North Manufacturing Co., Inc. is dedicated to crafting one of the Premier Stainless Steel Rifle Barrels in the U.S.A utilizing the 5C ® process. For any serious shooter, be it a Hunter or Target Shooter, having a rifle built with quality components is a must. If you want to build a rifle with a premier target quality barrel that will give the shooter the edge they need to shoot that trophy mount or shoot a small group, then you want a Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrel.

Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrels are crafted from the finest material made today, 416R Stainless Steel. They are pulled button-rifled, Double stressed relieved at the mill & triple stress relieved in our shop at Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrels. Then each barrel is hand lapped with a uniform land and groove diameter up to 0.0001″ from breech to muzzle. Our muzzle is NEVER larger than our breech.

We offer a variety of land and groove combinations for most twist in calibers 22RF to .375 with 5C ® rifling, but conventional rifling is available. We are continually adding new selections to meet the demands of new bullets and cartridges. Please give us a call at (920) 922-4882 for specific combinations.

Since 2003 we have introduced 22RF, .224, .243, .264, 270, .284, .308, .338, and .375 caliber “5C ®” (canted land) barrels. These barrels are showing exceptional clean ability, more velocity, longer barrel life, reduced bolt / breech pressure and extreme accuracy – shooting small groups at short and long ranges. We will expand this 5C ® land formation into other calibers and twist options in the future or when used to meet your needs.

Each barrel is crafted with the highest of quality standards. If a barrel doesn’t meet our quality standards, it does not go out the door. From start to finish we track what is being done and the results to each barrel by serial number. An individual tracking record is kept with your file for every barrel. If a customer has a question or concern about their specific barrel or would like a barrel similar as another customer, we can look it up and duplicate or continually improve the process. Our craftsman takes pride in every barrel we ship.

It is our commitment to you to craft the finest rifle barrel your money can buy. Give us a call at (920) 922-4882 to discuss your next barrel purchase. Quality, Accuracy & Customer Satisfaction is #1. We guarantee it!

ER SHAW Remington 700 Barrels

You’ll find E. R. Shaw gun barrels all over the world – utilized by some of the biggest firearms manufacturers as well as individuals who want only the best. E. R. Shaw engineers only Premier Grade barrels made by skilled craftsmen with years of barrel-making experience and utilizing the latest technology and metals. When you need a gun barrel, precision engineered to very exacting specifications, you need E. R. Shaw. Our years of research and hands on experience combine to provide you with a fine finished product. Fluted Remington 700 Barrels At E. R. Shaw Custom Barrels we offer three types of rifle barrel fluting for you to choose from – Traditional Straight Fluting, Shaw’s Patented Helical Fluting (U.S. Patent DES. 426,611) or Shaw’s Patented Functional Helical Fluting (U.S. Patent USG. 324,780B1). The unique appearance of our Helical Fluting (U.S. Patent DES. 426,611) provides the discriminating shooter with a barrel that looks great. Shaw’s Patented Functional Helical Fluting (U.S. Patent USG. 324,780B1) is thirty percent more rigid than a similar barrel with Straight Fluting; provides improved barrel harmonics; helps to counteract rotational torque, giving the shooter greater shot consistency; and increases the barrel surface area.

Finishes and Bluing Services – Our premium-grade bluing is second to none. We use an exclusive blue-black process which results in a rich, deep luster. For those wishing that added custom touch, we offer a bead-blast matte finish which is glare-free and lends an understated elegance to any rifle, especially those stocked in the classic style. Our bead-blast matte finish is also available on our 416 Stainless Steel barrel. Please note that our action bluing services are available only on rifle barreled actions that we have installed on one of our barrels.

McGowen Precision Barrels

Formed in 2007, McGowen Precision Barrels builds on a proud tradition of custom barrel manufacturing.  McGowen Precision Barrels was started with the purchase of Harry McGowen’s “mothballed” machinery.  The  manufacturing process has been updated to 21st Century techniques. Using state of the art equipment, and finely honed manufacturing techniques, McGowen Precision Barrels aims to make the highest quality barrels on the market. The manufacturing process continues to undergo changes and improvements in the pursuit of perfection.  The McGowen Precision Barrels name is making an impact in the industry, not only in hunting rifles, but are now becoming a favorite of long range competition shooters.

Cut Rifling Barrels

We are in the process of perfecting the age old tradition of cut rifling.  We are still a few months out from producing barrels for sale.  We are working on cut barrels with the highest degree of accuracy manufactured with 21st Century digital perfection. McGowen Precision Barrels will continue to upgrade our machinery and our capabilities. One upgrade in our capabilities is the addition of cut rifled barrels. As of February 27th, 2014 we are still working on the cut-rifling machine. We do not have an anticipated date in which these will be available. Please note that calibers will be limited at first as we bring the machines online. We’re also working hand-in-hand with our sister company McGowen Gun Works to manufacture custom rifle actions. We are currently working on the final design on our patented Mini action. We’re working hard to have this available before the end of 2013. Keep watching here and our sister companies website for more information.



Remington 700 SPS Tactical 20 Heavy Barreled Action 308 Winchester

Picture of Remington 700 SPS Tactical 20" Heavy Barreled Action .308 Winchester

Remington 700 SPS Tactical 20" Heavy Barreled Action .308 Winchester

In the recent past I have purchased two Remington 700 SPS Tactical Rifles to be used with MDT Rifle Chassis for projects at I end up paying for stocks I won’t use and then giving them away. It’s nice to see these great Remington 700 barreled actions available without the stock.

Remington 700 SPS Tactical

Build Your Custom Remington from the Ground Up

The Remington 700 SPS Tactical Barreled Action allows gun builders to start with a tried-and-true action and barrel combination, allowing them to add aftermarket stocks, optics and other options to build their ideal rifle.

The Remington 700 SPS Tactical Barreled Action includes all of the same features found on the company’s SPS Tactical model, including a threaded barrel with a heavy-profile, perfectly suited for precision shooting.

  • Chambered in .308 Win.
  • Barrel measures 20 inches long
  • Total weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Twist rate: 1:10

The Remington 700 SPS Tactical Barreled Action features a thread protector with a diameter of 0.850 inch and comes with an all-black finish.




Fulton Armory M65 Enhanced Sniper Rifle FA-M14-M65

Picture of a Fulton Armory M65 Enhanced Sniper Rifle FA-M14-M65 M14 Rifle

Fulton Armory M65 Enhanced Sniper Rifle FA-M14-M65

Clint McKee and Fulton Armory know the M14 and they know it well, in fact they build some of the tightest and most accurate M14 style rifles available. When you purchase a complete Fulton Armory Rifle you are purchasing a rifle handcrafted by very skilled people. These are not mass produced firearms by any measure. FA also has outstanding service and support, they do business the old fashioned way and rely heavily on their reputation. Fulton Armory often gets a slight ding from purists who prefer forged receivers over cast receivers. I’m not sure this matters with today’s modern manufacturing methods but that’s a discussion for another page. Additionally about a decade and a half ago there were complaints about soft bolts. That has long since disappeared but internet posts don’t disappear and keep regurgitating. 

The M65 Enhanced Sniper Rifle is one version of Fulton Armory’s take on the M14 platform based M21 Sniper Weapon System

Fulton Armory M65 Enhanced Sniper Rifle Features

  • Receiver: Fulton Armory Receiver (Meets All USGI Material, Heat Treat & Geometry Specifications)
  • Scope Mount: Fulton Armory, Picatinny Rail, Professionally Fitted & Installed To Receiver
  • Barrel: Fulton Armory, 22″ 1x8, 6.5 Creedmoor, Medium Contour, Stainless Steel, National Match Quality
  • Parts: GI & True Mil Spec Parts Throughout, Forged FA Gen II Bolt & Op Rod
  • National Match Upgrades:
    •  NM Polished Gas Piston
    • NM Gas Cylinder With Welded & Modified Front Band
    • NM Op Rod Spring Guide (Sadlak)
    • Modified Trigger
    • Modified Handguard
  • Muzzle Device: Nation Match Flash Suppressor With Bayonet Lug
  • Handguard: FA, Fiberglass Reinforced, Black
  • Stock: New Walnut, GI Contour, Hand Selected, Lovingly Fit & Beautifully Finished With Linseed Oil
  • Cheek Piece: Adjustable, Ambidextrous, Kydex
  • Accessory Rail: Front Stock Swivel with Picatinny Rail
  • Included Accessories: One 10 Round Magazine, Canvas Sling, & Owners Manual
  • Fulton Armory Precision Guarantee: Under 1.5 MOA (With Hornady Match Ammunition)



M21 Sniper Weapon System

Picture of the M14 Based M21 Sniper Weapon System

M21 Sniper Weapon System (SWS)

The M21 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the semi-automatic sniper rifle adaptation of the M14 rifle. It is chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge and 7.62×54mmR for Vietnamese and Chinese modified version, as well .30-06 for rare version.

M21 Sniper Weapon System

M21 Sniper Weapon System Overview

  • Rifle Type: Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle
  • Place of origin: United States

The United States Army wanted an accurate sniper rifle during the Vietnam War. The M14 was selected because of its accuracy, reliability, and the ability for a quick follow up shot. As a result, in 1969, the Rock Island Arsenal converted 1,435 National Match (target grade) M14s by adding a Redfield ART Adjustable Ranging Telescope 3–9× and providing National Match grade ammunition (7.62 Lake City Long Range XM-118).

This version, called the XM21, had a specially selected walnut stock and was first fielded in the second half of 1969. An improved version with a fiberglass stock was designated the M21 in 1975. The M21 remained the Army’s primary sniper rifle until 1988, when it was replaced by the M24 Sniper Weapon System; some M21s were later re-issued and used in the Iraq War.

In standard military use, the M21 uses a 20-round box magazine as the other members of the M14 family and weighs 11 pounds (5.27 kg) without the scope. The U.S. military never officially authorized or purchased magazines in any other capacity, although 5- and 10-round magazines are available.

M21 Sniper Weapon System Service

The XM21 Sniper Weapon System was used by the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War, and the M21 saw limited action in military conflicts and operations in the late 1960s until the late 1980s. It was used by the U.S. Army Rangers during the Invasion of Grenada in 1983. There are limited numbers in some Army National Guard units and in a few specialized active units such as the OPFOR units of the Joint Readiness Training Center. The XM21 served from 1969 to 1975, and the M21 officially served as the main Army sniper rifle from 1975 to 1988 until the introduction of the M24, which had supplanted the M21 in Ranger Battalions by 1990. However, many M14 and M21 variants came back into favor in the Iraq and Afghan wars in the 2000s.

Commercial M21 Sniper Weapon System

Springfield Armory, Inc. also manufactures variants of its M1A rifle called M21 Tactical Rifle and M25 White Feather Tactical/Carlos Hathcock rifle, which are based upon M21 and M25 Sniper Weapon Systems but are slightly different; most notably they are fitted with a Picatinny rail to mount a scope and a Krieger barrel.[5]

  • James River Armory, partnered with Bula Defense Systems to make the forged receiver M14 and M21 rifles in Semi Automatic Versions.
  • LRB offers great craftsmanship of their M14 and is one of the most highly regarded M14 rifles on the market today.
  • Fulton Armory sells top quality M14s at the top price.

Note: most M14s will not have accuracy out of the box compared to the capabilities of mid-high quality bolt action systems, but parts can be upgraded and gas ports can be realigned in order to improve accuracy. All adjustments to the essential workings of the gun should be done by a professional gunsmith at any of the above mentioned companies.

M21 Sniper Weapon System Service History

  •  In service, 1969–present
  • Used by:
    • Israel
    • United States
    • China
    • Vietnam
  • Wars:
    • Vietnam War
    • Laotian Civil War
    • Cambodian Civil War
    • Sino-Vietnamese War
    • Cambodian–Vietnamese War
    • Sino-Vietnamese conflicts
    • Soviet–Afghan War
    • 1982 Lebanon War
    • Iraq War (Limited use)[citation needed]

M21 Sniper Weapon System Production History

  • Designer: Marines Weapons Command, Combat Development Command, Limited Warfare Agency
  • Designed: 1969
  • Manufacturer: Rock Island Arsenal, Springfield Armory
  • Variants: M25

M21 Sniper Weapon System Specifications

  • Weight: 5.27 kg (11.6 lb)
  • Length: 1118 mm (44 in)
  • Barrel Length: 560 mm (22 in)
  • Cartridge: 7.62×51mm NATO, (7.62×54mmR for Vietnamese and Chinese modified), .30-06 Springfield (rare version, limited use)
  • Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
  • Muzzle Velocity: 853 m/s (2,800 ft/s)
  • Effective Firing Range: 822 m (900 yd)
  • Feed System: 5-, 10-, or 20-round detachable box magazine
  • Sights: Front: National Match front blade .062, Rear: Match-grade hooded aperture with one-half minute adjustments for both windage and elevation.26¾ in sight radius.